domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


Welcome to Glasgow, Master Chia. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your seminar. Can we begin with you perhaps giving me a brief overview of the nature of your work and what you were talking about tonight?

One of our main areas of practice concerns sexual energy or Jing. All aspects of internal arts refer to this idea of Jing; be it Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I or Baguazhang. Many people don’t understand the concept of the Tao. They can practice Tai Chi but not have any awareness of this concept. In the practice of Tai Chi one should activate the Chi energy in the Tantien. This creates the fire in the Tantien by makes this area warm. At the beginning we regard the sexual energy to be like water. You need to make the water warm by concentrating on the fire. This turns the energy into steam or Chi, which then rises up. Therefore the work of the Tao is the work of inner alchemy practice. The entire Tao practices which include Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I, Baguazhang are exercises of internal work. To understand the whole concept of the Tao is to work with the inner alchemy.

Working with inner alchemy has a strong effect on our emotions. We start to change our anger into kindness; we start to change hate into love. Sexual energy stimulates the inner alchemy and sexual practice is a method of inner alchemy, which everyone can do. When people are sexually aroused they change inside and the egg or sperm changes into Jing Chi. So in the Tao practice we can transform the Jing into Chi but we have to make sure that the Jing Chi can become transformed upwards rather than being emitted from the body. In order to be able to do this you must create a place where the Chi can be stored and that place is in the Tantien. The route does not go directly from the sexual organs to the Tantien. It has to move up the spine to the brain and from the brain down to the Tantien. This, of course, requires special practice.

Often when people do only Tai Chi they don’t understand how to cultivate chi. That is why, when I was taught, my teacher spent a lot of time working on meditation before teaching forms. We focussed on the Jing Chi travelling from coccyx up to the spine, right up to the brain, from the brain go down from the tongue, down to the Tantien. This is the first thing I learned before I practised Tai Chi Chuan.

The whole practice of multi-orgasmic energy is that you learn how to feel and activate your energy, how to draw it upwards, move round the cycle and store it. Our sexual energy is stored in our lower centre, waiting to be either activated or lost. We also learn why we need to move the mind to the Tantien, to rest the upper brain. Consciousness starts in the heart and awareness starts from the Tantien. When the brain is over-used, with too much thinking and too much worrying the consciousness becomes suppressed.

In the practice of Tai Chi Chuan you have to connect the three Tantiens together with the mind. To do this you must use Yi or Mind Power. Yi will never happen unless you learn to rest your mind with the conscious mind and heart, and the conscious mind of awareness. When you connect the three Tantiens with your Yi you can then develop Chi. When your turn your awareness inwardly you, in turn, connect your awareness outwardly with the Cosmos. You can then feel your energy moving through your body. When your cerebral mind becomes over-activated we call this the Monkey Mind. When this is allowed to happen, then your awareness stops, and the flow of the chi energy will no longer be promoted through the pathways.

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