domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


You talked about the Dragon Breath and the Tiger Breath, what did you mean by this?

This is all involved with the Empty Force, the suction power. It comes from inside. You create suction from here (retracts stomach area) and feel it coming from the bones and the muscles (makes a noise akin to Linda Blair from the Exorcist). The Tiger’s Breath has one high pitched and one low pitched sound. In combines the force coming down from the heavens which activates with our own force. This creates a very strong force in the Tantien.

Using the exercises to cultivate Sexual Energy, are there any potential dangers?

Let me tell you something about sexual energy. We are stimulating it all the time. We are constantly stimulating our sexual energy through the images we see from advertising, from television, videos, films etc. So it is not like I am suddenly causing energy to be stimulated that hasn’t previously been activated. There are only two things you can do with sexual energy - either use it or lose it. With more than 30 years of teaching this material I have never seen any dangers. I have talked with some eminent Tai Chi Masters who say that if you do it wrong you will get into an evil path, you can get paralyised etc." I have only one thing to say to that – "Bullshit." They have these thoughts or reactions because they don’t understand. If you work according to the laws of nature, how can you come to harm? All they are doing is scaring people.

So what would you say was the ultimate purpose of this work?

Number One: Heal yourself. Number Two: Help to heal other people. Number Three: Live long and don’t get sick and the final goal is immortality. You are working for the elixir. All things are alchemy. Practising Tai Chi Chuan is alchemy. You are working to change your bone, change your marrow and to change your sexual energy.

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