domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


You talked a little earlier about Healing, what sort of problems would to treat?

In the Healing Tao, with the Tao practice, the first thing you heal is yourself. Only once you have done that are you able to help other people. The upper brain which gets busy when you are angry, holding all your anger and frustration. If you learn how to sink your mind down and empty your mind down to the Tantien. When you can convert this energy it then helps your healing process. The first thing that happens is that your have energy to heal yourself. When you practice this system diligently in the correct way, sickness will disappear! If you don’t get rid of this busy mind it won’t happen. This is one reason why you do Tai Chi. You sink your mind down and the consciousness awakens and the awareness increases. You turn your consciousness in and your awareness turns out and you connect with the consciousness of the universe, you move and the chi moves. When you move up to the mind again it stops. When your consciousness stops your chi stops. You cease to connect with the force.

Do you practice Chi transmission for healing?

I have done. For me to heal this I can treat one person at a time only. Every time I do workshops I transmit energy to people. I give them a startup and everybody needs a startup. Four years ago I was given the award of Qigong Master of the Year. It was from the Chinese Qigong Association who came to the Congress in America. The award they gave me usually goes to doctors and acupuncturists but they gave it to me as I healed the most people. I don’t heal them directly but I give then the tools to heal themselves. When they go back to see the doctors and acupuncturists they can’t believe how their conditions have improved. It is because they are practising the Healing Tao work. I give you a match so that you can start your fire and this fire will make you warm all the time. So the whole principle about what I do is teaching you how to fish rather than giving you a fish. When you learn how to fish you can continue to do it for yourself. You can also teach many more people how to fish than you can feed fish to.

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