domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


Can you talk a little about your training courses and what students are taught?

The first they learn is how to ‘Smile Down.’ Then you learn how to empty your mind and smile down into the Tantien. When you smile and empty the mind they upper brain stops. When the upper brain stops you can then feel the navel getting warm. This helps to increase your energy. Then you are taught how to activate the heart and mind. You connect the three Tantiens into one and bring down into the lower Tantien. This then leads to the ‘Inner Smile.’ With the Inner Smile you activate the Tantien and activate the Yi with the consciousness and awareness. Each organ has one sound, one colour and one emotion and you learn which sounds and colours to use for healing those organs. Then you will learn how to activate the Micro-Cosmic Orbit to channel the forces from the Universe. This is called the heavenly cycle. The more you move this the more energy you will create. This helps you to become healthy and strong.

The next thing we teach is the Healing Tao Sexual Energy and then the Iron Shirt Nei Gong and Rooting Techniques. You learn how to create the correct structure and root and learn how to move with it. With the correct rooting, when people push you, you feel the Chi going straight to the bone and the energy goes down to the ground. This comes from correct alignment. From then we go on to teach the Tiger and Dragon Breath. We teach correct structure of the body which, when applied means that you cannot be pushed over. We also teach the 37 and 108 Step Tai Chi Chuan forms.

What style?

We teach Yang style and Wu Style. We teach the Wu Style Fast Form, San Shou, Push Hands and Weapons. The Wu Style has very quick applications for martial arts.

The Wu Style also teaches Nei Gung?

Yes it is similar to our Iron Shirt but they don’t talk much about the internal work.

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