domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008


When you teach the energy systems do you talk about meridians and acupoints?


I know many Tai Chi practitioners from various styles who have no knowledge and no interest in learning meridians and specific points, do you feel it is important?

Oh yes! The points are all detailed in my book. From there you go into the Fusion of the Five Elements I and the Fusion of Five Elements II. In these practices you are promoting the flow of chi through the channels and stimulating the points. We teach students about the 12 Meridians so they can feel the chi moving through the meridians. When you practice the Kan and Li (the names of two of the trigrams from the bagua) – the Water and Fire. When you hold the Lung Point you are then stimulating the fire in the lung. You can feel the channel moving.

Tai Chi Chuan practitioners have to spend a lot of time studying the technical aspects. To learn the basics of form can take a year and another three years for correction. Not many people last for that four years. When I started with a Master all he taught me was eight moves. It took me half a year to perfect these eight moves. The eight movements that we worked with covered the four corners using the left hand and the right hand, moving in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. When you fight you have to be aware of the four corners and have strong awareness. This is hard to maintain through 108 movements. Studying these 8 movements means that you can maintain the intent and focus stronger. When I learned this form all other forms were simple. The structure and principles were the same. This is a Yang Family Form that they, themselves practice, but don’t teach. If you only teach 8 movements people can learn real quick but if you teach 108 movements you can make more money.

So do you feel that this form would be better for teaching self defence applications.

Yes but I also thing Wu Chi is better. Also if you exercise the Internal Aspects you are already creating good self defence technique.

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