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The Six Healing Sounds Chi Kung is a popular traditional health-keeping exercise in China

Sound 1 - Lungs

The Lungs are a pair of conical-shaped organs of respiration situated in the thoracic cavity.

They are a Yin organ and govern Qi and respiration. The Lungs extract ‘clean Qi’ from the air we breathe which then combines with Food-Qi coming from the Spleen to form Gathering-Qi.

Another function is spreading Defensive-Qi equally all over the body under the skin, warming the skin and muscles and protecting the body from exterior pathogenic factors.

The Lungs also spread Body Fluids to the skin in the form of a fine ‘mist’. This mist moistens the skin and regulates the opening and closing of pores and sweating. This also gives the skin and hair nourishment and moisture.

The nose is the opening of the Lungs.

The Lungs are said to be the residence of the Corporeal Soul, which forms the Yin or physical counterpart of the Ethereal Soul.

The Large Intestine is the associated Yang organ of the Lungs.

The lungs are dominant in autumn. Their element is metal and their colour is white. Taste is pungent. Negative qualities are sadness and grief. Positive qualities are courage and righteousness.

The Lung Healing Sound is SI

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