quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2008

724 RITE 1

In India, the Maulawiyah, or whirling dervishes, spin unceasingly in a religious frenzy. They always spin clockwise. The older dervishes are virile, strong, and robust, far more so than most men of their age. Lamas say that this excessive spinning may be detrimental as it over-stimulates some of the vortexes, which first accelerates the flow of energy but then blocks it. This building up and tearing down action causes the dervishes to experience a kind of "psychic rush," which they mistake for something spiritual.

Lamas do not carry the whirling to an excess. While the whirling dervishes may spin hundreds of times, the Lamas only do it 21 times, just enough to stimulate the vortexes into action.

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