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Cont. abdomen; pain; after eating (including certain foods); abdomen; stomach; appetite; ravenous, excessive; during intermission of fever; abdomen; heaviness; abdomen; as if intestines were loose; as if intestines were hanging down; abdomen; pain; after drinking; abdomen; pain; after intense emotions; after indignation (anger from something unfair, unjust); abdomen; pain; cramping, griping; after anger; abdomen; sense of weakness; as if abdomen would drop; abdomen; bladder; gall stones; after operation to remove; abdomen; bladder; pain; after surgical removal of gall stones; abdomen; bladder; retention of urine (see urination delayed); from enlarged prostate; abdomen; bladder; urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); in women; shortly after loss of virginity (see urination, painful or difficult urination); abdomen; bladder; urination; painful or difficult urination; shortly after loss of virginity; abdomen; stomach; appetite; increased (hunger in general); before chill; abdomen; stomach; pain; after stress; Colic after anger
Stomach; Flabby and weak Desire for stimulants Stomach feels relaxed
Craving for tobacco
Canine hunger, even when stomach is full Nausea after abdominal operations. Constipation, hemorrhoids, with enlarged prostate. Diarrhoea after drinking cold water, with tenesmus Incarcerated flatus Severe pain following an abdominal operation
Colic, with pelvic tenesmus Hot flatus rectum; skin and lining; wart-like growth; extremely sensitive; urine; scanty;
genitals; male; pain; testes; ; Spermatorrhoea, with sunken features; guilty look; emissions, with backache and weakness and sexual neurasthenia
genitals; male; testes and scrotum (balls); relaxed, scrotum; genitals; female; pain; sore, tenderness; genitals; female; sensitive; genitals; female; sensitive; vagina; ; genitals; urethra (urinary part of genitals); irritation; genitals; male; sexual passion; increased; genitals; male; sexual passion; diminished; genitals; male; sensitiveness; scrotum; ; genitals; male; thick emission from penis; emission of prostatic fluid; genitals; male; thick emission from penis; after masturbation; ; genitals; male; thick emission from penis; frequent; genitals; male; thick emission from penis; genitals; male; itching; scrotum; erotic itch; after sexual excesses; ; genitals; male; masturbates frequently; genitals; male; withered; testes; after sexual excesses; ;
Male; Especially after self-abuse; persistent dwelling on sexual subjects
Ineffectual urging to urinate in Newly married women Pain after lithotomy. Urging and pain AFTER urinating Prostatic troubles; frequent urination, burning in urethra
When not urinating ( Thuja; Sabal; Ferr) Burning in urethra during micturition Sensation as if a drop of urine were rolling continuously along the channel Pressure upon bladder; feels as if it did not empty Leucorrhoea Dyspnoea after coition.
Cystitis in lying-in patients Cystocele (locally and internally) Urinary Organs. Prolapsus, with sinking in the abdomen; aching around the hips. Female; Parts very sensitive, worse sitting down ( Berb.; Kreos.)
Irritable bladder in young married women respiration; difficult (dyspnea); after emission;
cough; tickling; larynx; cough; tickling; cough; from emotions; after stress; ; chest; heart; palpitations; from exertion; ; chest; pain; stitching, sudden, sharp; heart; ; back; pain; from sexual excesses; ; (...)

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